Tips to improve your oral hygiene and teeth


Everyone wants beautiful and white teeth. The main purpose of teeth is to chew, form words and talk. But is that it? No, it is certainly not. Teeth make your impression and personality along with the oral hygiene. It is therefore very important to take good care of your tips. It is not that difficult also. Few normal tips can make sure that you do not have plaques, bleeding teeth or losing enamel in your teeth.

Brushing your teeth

Everyone knows that brushing is important, but there is a lot more to it. Brushing can remove the plaques from your teeth, but it can be really healthy if properly used. A brush should never be used for more than three months. Make sure that your brush is soft enough. The soft brush indicates that it should feel soft in your hand. The head of the brush should be movable as well. Never use a brush which is stiff. It should be rotated at 45 degrees and gently as well. Never try to over brush your teeth as it will only harm your enamel. Make proper use of your brush and it will be fine enough. Over brushing can hurt your gums and that can lead to bleeding and other complexions.

Use of Whitener

This has become a major concern for the people as they think that whiteners are comprised of harmful chemicals and that can destroy your teeth. Well, everything about it is not true. The tray solutions that come to whiten your teeth can be dangerous for your enamel although. The peroxides can be disastrous for enamel if not the time and amounts are not taken care of. You should only rely on doctors for that purpose. However, whiteners are not so unsafe unless you overuse it.

Use of Sugar

How often you have heard that the sugar is harmful to your teeth. To be honest with you it is not. However, it is important that how much time it is there in your mouth. If it stays for long then the bacteria start feeding off it and the cavity becomes the ultimate option. The chocolate plays the same role in your teeth. This is why it is important to clear your mouth after eating any such thing. You should not leave much trace unwashed in your teeth for the present bacteria. Chewing the sweet gums is a very bad habit in that aspect. You actually provide everything for the bacteria to attack and destroy your teeth.

Use of Tobacco

Tobacco is bad for your teeth in any form. Tobacco gets accumulated on the teeth base and stains your teeth. If you consume tobacco then you must make sure that you remove the stains regularly. So try to quit tobacco for healthy teeth.

Your oral hygiene is very important and you must take care of it. You look better with your teeth looking white and intact. It is also better if you consume calcium rich food so that your teeth get enough to stay strong.

Tips to Keep your Mouth Healthy


Oral Health is all about regular brushing of your teeth, flossing and rinsing. These are the must do activities for you if you want to keep your mouth healthy and fresh. These three things are fundamentals for your oral health, but these are the no the only ones. You must follow other rules to keep a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth and white teeth require more than squeezing expensive paste out of tube. So if you are thinking that your regular brushing will take care of your mouth, you are obviously wrong. Below are other activates which are essential for healthy mouth.

Pay a Visit to Doctor

You are not an oral hygiene specialist, so don’t try to be one. Assuming that you have an excellent oral health is not a good idea at all. Your dentist knows better about your oral health, so pay regular visit to the dentist. Most people ditch dentist thinking they don’t need their help and suffer from different oral health problem later on. So you have to proactive and need regular consultancy with an oral health care specialist. Try to pay a visit to a doctor at least once in a month.

Avoid Soda

We all love fizzy things like a can of soda, but these are not good for our oral health at all. Soda is bad for your teeth in many aspects. The two ingredients which a can of soda contains like phosphoric acid and citric acid are not good for your teeth. If you are having soda occasionally, it may not hurt your teeth that much. But regular drinking of soda should be avoided. Soda makes enamel part of your tooth softer and eventually damage them. Drink lots of water instead of soda and keep your teeth healthy.

Avoid Sugar


Don’t sugar coat your teeth, sugar is the main enemy for your teeth. Tooth decays are the result of too much consumption of sugar. Sugar is the reason behind bacteria and acidity in your mouth. This bacteria cause plaque in your teeth and this plaque damage your teeth. You will no longer have pearly white teeth if you are taking too much sugar. Most of the people of modern days are suffering from tooth decay and sugar is the main reason behind this problem. Avoid sugar and keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Quit Smoking

Smoking doesn’t have a single good effect of your body and mind. Smoking damages your body in many ways. Smoking also causes many harms to your teeth. You probably have heard it lots of time before, Quit smoking today to live a healthy life and also to keep a healthy mouth. The tars and nicotine from smoking are extremely dangerous for your oral health. Nicotine forms a yellow shades on your teeth which is not at all good looking. Try to quit smoking today, you will be able to keep a healthy mouth if you don’t smoke.

So about are some simple tips to keep a healthy mouth.


Welcome To My World

Welcome to my world. We are here to discuss the challenges of keeping our teeth healthy and our gums in awesome condition. Hi. My name is Leonard and have seen a lot of people go through really bad experiences of not cleaning their teeth on a regular basis.

I grew up in a foster home for a while and saw many kids neglect their teeth. A lot of it was not their fault. They mostly grew up in poverty where their biological parents were never there for them. They never showed them the importance of having good personal hygiene.

Unfortunately, I was one of those kids. My parents neglected my sister and I from as far back as I can remember. They rarely cleaned our teeth and we eventually needed major dental work on us. This bad habit also followed us when we were put into a foster home.

Then one day, our lives changed forever. We received notice that we were going to be adopted by a married couple who we heard had lots of money. My sister and I were very excited as they approached our foster home in their stretch limousine. They took us into their lives with open arms and we never looked back.

The first thing that they did was to make sure that we were healthy. The overall physical condition was good but where we needed help was in the mouth. I needed help the most. I spent countless hours at the dentist. I can remember being in a lot of pain from my mouth. I was told they had to pull nerves from my root canal because they were badly infected. It was the most painful thing in my life.

I never wanted to go through that experience again. As much as I wanted to forget about it, I also grew an interest towards these bad experiences. I told myself that I never want to go though these experiences again. I wanted to help and educate others. So I decided to pursue a career in the dental field. For many years now, I have helped hundreds of people keep a good personal hygiene with their teeth and gums.